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The health and safety of our children is priority #1.  Content here will help provide information to Sports Moms to make them aware of the health or safety concerns that our kids can run into given their sport of choice. 

Concussion Resources

Concussion Resources

All sports moms want their kids to enjoy sports. But one concern we have is for our child's safety. There are many potential hazards in playing sports, but nothing scares parents more than their child suffering a concussion. 

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Food Fuel

Food Fuel for Two-a-Days

With the start of football season comes the dreaded two-a-days workouts.  This is when a team plans a workout in the morning and one in the afternoon.   These workouts can be grueling, especially in the summer heat.  So it’s important you stay hydrated and fuel up for the entire day.  

Here are some ways to do that.

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Staying Hydrated

Staying Hydrated During Sports Tryouts

School and rec sports are starting up soon.  Summer vacation has flown by and now our kids are getting ready to try out for their favorite fall sport and give it their all.  Football, cheerleading, and soccer among other fall rec sports are all incredibly intense sports that take place outdoors, leaving your kids dehydrated after a full day of tryouts.

We’ve put together a great list of tips for keeping your athlete hydrated and healthy.

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Eat After Workout

What to Eat After a Workout

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water before, during and after a workout.  But what is best to eat after a workout?  As with any diet plan, balance and moderation are best, but there are certain foods that are best after you workout your body.

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Best Workout Equipment

Essential Workout Gear to Keep You Fit

Working out is a necessity if you want to keep your body strong and healthy.  And every store capitalizes on this knowledge with the latest and greatest ab cruncher, treadmill, and dumbbell.  Whether you’re a fitness pro or a beginner, the amount of new technology and equipment available can be overwhelming.  That’s why we’ve created a list of essential workout gear you’ll use on a daily basis.

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Avoid Heat Illness

Tips for Avoiding Heat-Related Illnesses

It’s that time of year again when the heat keeps us from going outside to workout or just to watch the kids play. The sun and heat are not something to play around with.  There are some days when it’s really too dangerous to go out in the heat.  So what do you do if you want to be outside or workout outside and avoid the heat?  

Here are a few tips to help prevent issues with the heat:

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Pool Exercises

Pool Exercises That Will Keep You Toned

Summer can be exhausting when you’re trying to entertain kids all day.  It’s tough trying to balance taking care of your kids and yourself.  A great way to make everyone happy is to spend your summer at the pool!

You can exercise, burn fat fast, and get the kids involved so you all have healthy fun!  Check out these pool exercises:

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Green Summer Hair

How to Keep your Hair From Turning Green in the Chlorine

There’s nothing better than getting a new swimsuit and feeling like a hot mom.  Strutting myself through the aisles of pool loungers.  Only to get home and realize my beautiful, expensive blonde hair is now green.

Like, is this real life? How in the world?  Apparently, when we go swimming, we are diving into a pool of metal.  One specific metal found in pool water, copper, has it out for gets oxidized by the chlorine, grabs onto your hair, and turns it a green color.

Luckily, blondes aren’t doomed to green hair forever!  There are some preventative measures you can take to keep your hair safe and healthy during these summer months.

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Thinking Safety

Safety is key!

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