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Rules & Regulations

Understanding different rules and regulations of the sports your children are playing is important to Sports Moms.  Here is our help in answering the questions you may have.

The Evolution Of Softball

The Evolution of Softball

Many people associate the game of softball as a derivative of baseball.  But softball has its own unique history.

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Learning the Basics of Basketball

So your son or daughter has found a new love for the game of basketball.  They’ve devoted their extra time to studying the game, learning the game, and mastering the game.  And finally, it’s game day.  Unfortunately, while your child was learning the art of this sport, you weren’t quite as studious.  And now, you’re left with a lot of questions.

At Sports Moms, we want you to have an understanding of basketball so you can really enjoy watching your student play.  So here are some basic tips to help you maneuver your way through game day:

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