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Shock Doctor Adults' Gel Nano Mouth Guard $9.99

This is a must for anyone who plays contact sports -- including men!  Right now you can pick up one of these Shock Doctor Adults’ Gel Nano Mouth Guards on sale for only $9.99!  So there is no excuse not to pick one up!

Shock Doctor Adults Gel Nano Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Adults’ Gel Nano Mouth Guards Features and Benefits:

  • Tri-bite construction is designed to align and stabilize the upper and lower jaws for an enhanced fit and protection

  • Mandibular Orthopedic Repositioning Appliance (MORA) performance enhancement positions the lower jaw down and forward to help increase strength

  • Multilayer design with an internal, shock-absorbing Monocoque Shock Frame™ that absorbs and disperses the force of impact

  • Gel-Fit™ liner takes a custom impression of your teeth to offer a secure and comfortable fit