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Tips for Avoiding Football Injuries

It’s that time of year when all parents hold their collective breath while watching kids play football.   Don’t get me wrong, we love the game but we can’t help but secretly fear a sports injury, especially a concussion.  While not all injuries can be prevented, there are some that can be.  

The first thing a parent to do to ensure their child’s safety is to make sure they play with the proper equipment.  

Avoiding Injuries

All football players should have all of these items in their sports bag:

  • Helmet

  • Shoulder pads, hip pads, tail pads, knee pads

  • Pants and Jersey

  • Thigh guards

  • Mouth guard with a keeper strap

  • Athletic supporter

  • Cleats

  • Eye-wear that won’t shatter

Parents definitely worry about concussions but that makes up less than 10% of football injuries.  The most common football injury is a ligament sprain in the ankle or the knee.  So how can you avoid this type of injury?

Some of these tips may seem obvious but it’s a good reminder for all parents to keep in the back of their mind.

  • Stay physically fit - Again this may seem obvious but the better shape you child is in, the less likely he will be injured.  

  • Warm up and stretch -  It’s always recommended that all athletes warm-up and stretch before any physical activity.  Stretching helps a lot but also doing a light run could help loosen their muscles.

  • Cool down with a stretch - It’s also a good idea to do a cool down and stretch after a game of practice.

  • Drink plenty of liquids - Nothing could be more important than drinking water or other liquids to stay hydrated.  

  • Tackle by using the Heads-Up method - this is a suggested method by everyone in football.  

To learn more about the Heads-Up football method, check out the technique suggested by USA Football.