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The content below offers you advice on different skills that can prepare your kids for future success in whatever sports and activities they choose to play.


Getting Started in Volleyball

If you have an athlete interested in volleyball then you will want to check out this great video! 

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Learning the Basics of Basketball

So your son or daughter has found a new love for the game of basketball.  They’ve devoted their extra time to studying the game, learning the game, and mastering the game.  And finally, it’s game day.  Unfortunately, while your child was learning the art of this sport, you weren’t quite as studious.  And now, you’re left with a lot of questions.

At Sports Moms, we want you to have an understanding of basketball so you can really enjoy watching your student play.  So here are some basic tips to help you maneuver your way through game day:

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Coach Parent Coach Athletic Relationship

The Athletic Triangle - Help With Coach/Parent/Child Relationship

The Athletic Triangle is the relationship between a coach, child and parent. 

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Video Aps

Best Video Apps for Athletes

Athletes are always looking to improve their performance.  From perfecting a swing in baseball or golf to working on your serve in tennis—improvement is the name of the game in sports.

Did you know there are a number of apps that can analyze your performance?  These video analysis apps for athletes can really make a difference in your growth.  

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Golf First Tee

Getting Started in Golf

The folks with the First Tee make this easy!

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Basketball Tips From Pros Dribbling Ball Handling

Tips from the Pros: Dribbling & Handling the Basketball

Professional basketball player Terrell Harris is here to provide Sports Moms with dribbling & ball handling tips to share with your kids.

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