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How I Survived the Busy Sports Season Tips from an Experienced Mom

With summer approaching, many sport seasons are winding down. The start of the season can be an exciting time with practices, new uniforms, new friends and finally games. The calendar quickly fills up and the journey begins but when it’s over, it may take time to adjust to a new schedule. Players and parents may even experience grief that it is over.

The community that was your child’s teammates and their parents will never be the same. Kids move on or quit playing. Being a part of the team group provided an easy way to socialize and build relationships. Keep nurturing these fledgling friendships for both you and your player. In a few weeks time, make a date to hangout or meet for dinner.

It is always a nice idea to have a formal goodbye like a team dinner or banquet at the end of a long season. These events provide opportunities for reminiscing and a face to face “see ya later.”

Postseason is a time to focus on other parts of living for both parents and kids. That could mean downtime. It is okay not to have something to do everyday after school. We, as parents, think sometime we are failing if we do not have the kids involved with something several days a week. This is a good time to focus on yourself. Maybe you could find a new hobby, catch up on scrapbooking or try that new 7pm spin class.

It is also a great time to get reacquainted with your kitchen and have the family help prepare meals at home. Typically when the season ends, your spending goes down too. Less money spent on gas and eating on the run can boost the budget.

With no evening practices, schedule some active time as a family like walking around the neighborhood or yoga in front of the TV. Try kicking a soccer ball around the front yard or volley with tennis rackets and a ball on the driveway.

Whether it was a winning season or a not so great one, your child learned new skills and had new experiences. If they find a sport they are passionate about it, it can be a thrilling ride. Foster that excitement and help them figure out the next step. If your child wants to hang up the soccer shoes or give the bat a rest, make peace with it. The old adage rings true… don’t be sad it is over, be happy it happened.