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How to Make Memories - A Staycation Your Family Will Never Forget

Everyone says take that vacation! But it is really not about spending big bucks to travel to some exotic locale or big amusement park, it is about spending time together as a family making memories. Sometimes these big trips aren’t possible but there are ways to relax without leaving your city.

Try an adventure locally. Book a weekend at a nice hotel with a pool and other amenities. Ask a friend or neighbor to check in on the pets and spend time together away from home but not too far. Get tickets to a local attraction and make it a VIP experience. Try booking the special cabana at the local water park or getting line passes.

Try something new as a family, like going to the symphony, a star gazing party or try out a new sport like ice skating or archery. Plan a weekend where everyone in the family gets to pick a different place to eat. Visit several restaurants and see who has the best hamburger or pizza in the area. How about a theme weekend of bowling or movies.

Have a slumber party in your living room complete with favorite shows and snacks. Set up backyard games and a tent and have a campout. Make sure you have a grill or fire pit for s’mores.

Do some research on small towns outside of where you live, Visit a country store or the local cafe that everyone raves about. Read or learn about a local famous person and explore all the places they lived and worked.

Rent a cool car, RV or boat for a day. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids and the prize could be something big they have wanted for a long time. Trade houses with a friend or family for a couple of nights. The point is to have new adventures together without the distractions of chores, work or scheduled activities.

If you can’t go far away, be enthusiastic about a local adventure. Kids take cues from their parents. It is what you make it. Have fun and start planning.