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Persevering at School When You’re Ready for Break

Now that Daylight saving time has ended, it’s getting dark earlier, which makes all of the holidays seem that much closer. So, it’s no surprise that kids are getting anxious for a break. The school year no longer has that new feeling. The everyday routine has set in and it’s likely that your kiddos are ready to be out of school for a while. If your family is struggling to make it in these last couple of weeks before Thanksgiving break, here are some tips on persevering!

Celebrate All Month

November is here and holidays are just around the corner. With Halloween gone, next up is Thanksgiving. Start incorporating fun Thanksgiving traditions and celebrations into your after-school routine. This will help your kiddos get through the day and have something to look forward to.

Maybe you go on a special family walk and talk about all the things you’re thankful for, maybe you volunteer at a soup kitchen or other non-profit organization, or maybe you visit extended family on the weekend that you won’t be able to see on Thanksgiving Day. Find unique ways to give back, reflect, and make lasting memories all month long.

Keep Routines

It’s easy to let these fun extra activities distract from the day-to-day routines of school, but make sure that as you incorporate thankfulness into your November calendar that you don’t forget to keep schoolwork a priority. Bedtime shouldn’t change—from our sweet kindergarteners to seniors in high school, kids of all ages need plenty of sleep to have the proper energy for a full day of learning. Make sure they hit the hay at their normal bedtime.

When they wake up, give them the boost they need to stay focused with a nutritious breakfast. As the year progresses, I always notice a slump in breakfast foods. The first day of school, the kids get pampered with eggs, bacon, biscuits, orange juice, pastries, oatmeal, etc. But, by the time November comes around, I throw them a granola bar on the way out the door.

Try to stick with a filling breakfast so they have the brain power they need to retain all the new information they’re learning!

It’s hard for moms and students to keep up with routines throughout the school year, much less add extra activities to the mix. November is a busy month to begin with. But, if you can give your kids incentives to make it through the school day, they’ll be much more likely to persevere with determination! Enjoy this month of thanksgiving and help your kids enjoy it, too.