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36 Million kids play youth sports and mom... You are their #1 fan!

Being a sports mom means that you are there every step of the way. Your schedule is extremely busy. You are the keeper of schedules, lineups, snacks, equipment, laundry and much much more. You are there applauding your children during the highest of highs and supporting them during the lowest of lows. You sacrifice your own time for the betterment of your kids and yet, you must still take care of yourself to take care of your family. You constantly have things to do and places to be. There are times you are at a practice field or game when you wish you were at home watching TV, cooking dinner or relaxing. Your life begins to revolve around your kid’s teams, games and passions. Early mornings, late nights, weekdays and weekends, freezing cold or burning hot… you are there

You’re a sports mom because your child has a passion and you want the best for them. You realize that sports teaches discipline, teamwork, perseverance, patience and sportsmanship. These are values that form the foundation of your child for the rest of their life. It is an investment in them and an investment in your family. Sacrifices are made but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Time spent together is precious. You remember being with family and friends far more often than you remember the wins or losses. You cheer them on starting in the backyard and then from the sidelines.

But it is not easy… and that is why we are here. Our goal at Sports Moms is to help you every step along the way. Our goal is to provide you with tips, lifestyle information, advice and deals that help you win as a sports mom. We want to help you save time, save money and enjoy the journey. We applaud your commitment, your perseverance and your patience… and thank you for passing these values down to your children. Hopefully you will continue coming back to SportsMoms.com and let us help you just a little bit along the way!