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Organizing the Schedule for Spring Sports

The difficult part of planning a master calendar for the whole family is getting the family together with a list of activities. There’s always one activity that someone forgets until the night before. So make sure you have an in-depth conversation as a family to discuss all of the events coming up. Make a list of different categories—academic, sports, church, friends, community, work, etc.

Have them bring you calendars from school, from their coaches, anything that’s more than their memory! (Sorry, kiddos. We love you, but sometimes you’re forgetful. We trust you, but we like to have backup!)

Once you have a list of everyone’s activities, decide on how to arrange the calendar. You can color coordinate each person in the family or you can give each category a color. However you decide to do this, make sure that everyone in the family understands how the calendar works.

With everyone’s acknowledgement, you can start filling in dates. Undoubtedly, you’ll run into several events at the same time. Here’s where you’ll need to decide what activities you can’t participate in. As soon as you decide, call and send your regrets so that the other party can account for it.

With everything in place, it’s all about follow through. Set reminders in your smartphone, noting any items you need to get—a present for the birthday party, have your son pack his baseball bag with everything he needs, grab snacks for after the game, etc.

It’s not always fun to prepare for a new season filled with lots of activities, but sitting down and ironing out a master calendar will create peace in your home. And that, my friends, is well worth it!