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Learning the Basics of Basketball

High school basketball is divided into four quarters.

When you get to the gym, you’ll hear a lot of noise and a loud buzzer that goes off signifying many different things. From time outs to the end of each quarter, if you ever wonder about the timing of the game, check the scoreboard.

The lines on the court aren’t there for decoration.

I know, you probably already know this one. But, those lines are really important. From a free throw to a three-point shot, and so many more rules, the lines on the court place a lot of restrictions on the players and should be paid careful attention.

When throwing the ball in, the player must dribble the ball past the half-court line within five seconds. When going to make a shot, a player can only be within the free-throw box for three seconds. There are many rules defined by these lines, so don’t get too upset with yourself if you don’t understand everything right away.

Basketball is a really fun sport to watch so go support your kid and enjoy immersing yourself in the game. Don’t be upset if your student isn’t playing every quarter. Only five players are allowed on the court at a time. The more games you go to, the more you’ll learn.

What are some questionable rules you had to learn when you first started learning the sport? We’d love to hear your stories!