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Red, White & Blue Dessert

Here’s a really easy and fun dessert recipe even your kids can help you with. It’s in the shape of the American flag, so you will need ingredients that represent red, white and blue.


3 Bananas

Package fresh Blueberries

Package fresh Strawberries

8 Wooden Skewers


Start by cutting your bananas and strawberries into slices. You want to keep the banana and strawberry slices pretty even so they will line up when you are creating your flag.

Start by layering the bananas and strawberries on four different skewers. Keep these even and start with strawberries, than bananas, strawberries again until you have layered five of each. Repeat this on 4 different skewers.

The next four skewers will have only 3 layers of each the strawberries and bananas. Remember to lay the first four skewers down on a serving platter so you can keep the next four even with the first four.

Finally finish off each of the last 4 skewers with blueberries until you even up with the first four skewers.

The finished product shows you everything you will need to know.

Happy 4th of July!