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Fundamentals of Basketball

The game of basketball is exhilarating as a player and a spectator. If you notice an interest from one of your kids, consider enrolling them in a league so they can learn the fundamental skills of the game. From dribbling to rebounding, shooting to passing, there are a lot of rules and regulations that make up this incredible sport.


Dribbling is the act of bouncing the ball in your hand—one hand only. You can alternate each hand to get better and become a better player. Dribbling should be practiced and practiced, that’s how a player perfects this craft. It might seem annoying to hear a basketball bouncing all the time, but persevere, parents! When your son or daughter is doing tricks and fancy dribbling techniques, you’ll appreciate their passion and commitment.


Passing is when one player gets the ball to another player on his team. There are two passes in basketball, a chest pass and a bounce pass. A chest pass is the basic, most popular pass. Players hold the ball in both hands and push the ball from their chest, allowing it to fly through the air to their teammate. A bounce pass is when the ball is thrown with both hands, but it bounces on the court one time before it is caught by a teammate.

Passing, like dribbling, should be practiced. When there are opposing players between you and your teammate, passing isn’t as easy as it seems. Make sure the ball is caught with two hands, but not carried over or dribbled with two hands.


Shooting the ball requires precision and dedication. Practice makes perfect when it comes to shooting. To shoot a basketball, the ball should rest on the fingers and not in the palm of the hand. The ball should roll off the fingertips as the ball is released toward the goal. Using your dominant hand to propel the ball, the other hand should be used to balance the ball.

Aiming the ball is key to making a shot. When shooting, aim the ball at the back of the rim, where the square is, making sure the wrist isn’t being flicked during the shot.


After a player has made a shot, players should go for a rebound. Defensive players should attempt to keep the offensive players from retrieving the ball, referred to as boxing out.

Rebounding is a fundamental of basketball that requires skill, practice, and time to perfect. Don’t get discouraged if you have trouble rebounding at first. There are a lot of multitasking elements that go into to rebounding the ball.