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Fundraiser Ideas for Sports Teams

Playing on a sports team and having to fundraise is the rule rather than the exception. It takes extra funds to have a successful season. Look at it as part of the responsibility of joining and supporting the team. We’ve got some proven ideas to get money in the bank.

The easiest project is to simply write and ask for donations from family, friends and local businesses. Everyone should use the same letter with hopefully some kind of letterhead explaining what the money will be used for. Teams can hire outside organizations like Snap! Raise to coordinate these donation campaigns but they do take a piece of the profits as does the online fundraising platform GoFundMe

We all have to eat so restaurant spirit nights are also a good option. Team up with a local eatery to pick a night and share profits. Your organization will do the advertising and marketing to get people in the door. You can expect anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of food sales during the event to go back to your team.

If your organization is large and has many teams or members, consider selling spirit items like t-shirts, hats, decals, yard signs and noise makers. Spirit sales work well for football, dance teams and marching bands.

Feel fortunate if your team operates a concession stand at your facility. Profits from food and drink sales can be more than 50 percent. Do your part and help volunteer for a few games. Nowadays, many professional and college teams open up their concessions to be operated by outside groups trying to fundraise. Volunteers can enjoy the excitement of the game while making money for their team or group at the same time.

Every team has different needs and abilities when it comes to fundraising. The ideas discussed today are tried and true, but so many creative ideas are out there. Have fun with it and good luck!