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How to Piece Together a Workout Outfit That Can Be Worn All Day


Let’s start with shoes—we all know that tennis shoes are the most important piece of the outfit. Find shoes that offer maximum support, but also have a sleek design. Check out these Nike Free RN Flyknit’s:

These shoes are lightweight and look great!


Finding workout clothing is the best part of working out. Marshalls and TJ Maxx are great options for finding high quality brands at a great price. Consider the function of your workout routine when shopping.

Check out this inspiration from Marshalls:

I’ve never wanted to do yoga more! This outfit offers style so you can get your workout in and still be seen in public afterwards. It’s the perfect mix.

From the pop of color in the laces to the puffer vest and scarf, this outfit has the basic workout gear for function with added layers for style that can easily be removed during a workout.