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Tips for Successful Fall Sports Tryouts

A new school year is approaching and that means it’s time for fall sports tryouts. If your athlete is playing an outdoor sport, chances are it’s going to be hot out there. Help them succeed in their tryout by following these tips and tricks!

Safety Tips

The most important aspect of tryouts is to stay safe. No athlete wants to walk out of tryouts without a chance of playing due to a preventable injury. Remind your kids to properly stretch and warm up before beginning their tryout.

Stretching can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, so remind your kids to get there early so they’ll have plenty of time to get their bodies prepared for tryouts.

Mentally, tryouts can be exhausting. Make sure your athletes have eaten a nutritious breakfast. They don’t need any distractions. Try a stretching routine, like yoga, to clear their minds and calm their bodies.

When tryouts begin, make sure they stay hydrated. With all of the nerves associated with tryouts, your kids might forget to take the time to refuel, but it’s crucial for their safety and performance.

Coaches Tips

Coaches across the nation have rules they must follow when conducting tryouts. The first rule is that everyone must complete a physical. Students who want to participate in school sports need a general medical exam and an orthopedic screening prior to tryouts.

With a clean bill of health, your athletes need to know what’s going to be happening during tryouts. Ask the coach for a tryout-grading sheet. This helps calm nerves and avoid surprises.

Don’t over-train. Making the team can be a daunting thought, which leads to over-training and, often, injuries. Avoid injuries by conditioning safely. Your child can build up, but make sure they don’t start training with too much intensity.

Tryouts are such a character-building opportunity for our kids. They learn hard work, teamwork, and perseverance. Encourage your athletes to get out of their comfort zone, practice hard, and go for the tryout.