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How to Find a Select Sports Program for Your Athlete

When a child finds their sports passion, it can be a really exciting time. If your child is motivated when it comes to practice and puts in extra time on their own, it may be time to consider select sports. The good thing is he or she does not have to be one of the best ones on their recreational team to move on to select. The extra training and competitions will transform your athlete into a skilled player. That’s the goal anyway.

Making the commitment both financially and timewise should be a family decision. Make sure your child knows exactly what stepping up to select means and what the expectations will be. Also think about how the change will affect other family members. What will siblings be doing during the extra training sessions, who will take your athlete to practice and games?

If you choose to move forward, the next step is to find the right organization or league. Like all big decisions, do your research. Talk with other parents and coaches who are already in the organizations. Take some time to attend a practice or game before you sign on the dotted line. Comparison shop and check prices. Find out how much travel is involved and what the extra fees will be. Take a good look at the condition of the facility or practice space.

Naturally, most select teams have tryouts but many organizations will hold clinics or coach-look practices before the big day. It would be worth finding out how many spots may be open on a team. Often, teams will stay together year after year. Know what the competition is so you can prepare your child.

If your child makes the roster then the real fun begins. Select sports can be expensive and demanding but your athlete will grow in ways you never thought of. He or she will make some great new friends, as will you spending so much time with other supportive team parents. My son is starting his 7th year on a select team and it has been an incredible journey. We have had winning seasons and losing seasons and lots of wonderful memories made.