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What to Wear to a Baseball Game

For early morning t-ball games, life can be chaotic. Getting the kids dressed, out the door, fed, and on the field on time seems impossible, no matter how much preparation has gone into it. And, of course, Mom is usually the last one to get dressed in a rush.

Moms are selfless humans, but sometimes it means that Mom loses steam. Try creating a night-before routine to get outfits and accessories laid out and ready to go. From cleats for the kids to switching your handbag, the more you can do the night before, the easier your morning will be. Whether you’re headed to your sons ball game or enjoying a family-night at the Ballpark, go for a cute and casual look.

Shorts, a pair of white converse, a baseball tee—because, duh.—and a cap. If you’re not a hat-kind-of-girl, go for a causal braid, pony, or topknot. This look is so easy, but you still look trendy. The mix of casual and practical is comfortable and cute.

If, by chance, you actually get to leave the house without a toddler attached to upi hip, you can always dress it up a bit. Going to a baseball game is such a fun date night.

Stick with your white converse; but instead of shorts and a tee, wear a simple cotton dress. Pair it with a long necklace and a cross-body and you’ve got a simple outfit that’s perfect for a ball game.

Do you prefer a casual look or dressing it up? Let us know!