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Time Management on Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming video platform, most popular for gaming purposes. It can be incredibly addicting for gamers and even those who don’t play. For us moms, we scroll through our Facebook feed and end up getting lost in makeup tutorials, other people’s comments, and other addicting conversations. For our kids, they get lost in watching professionals and peers live stream their video games and other content. Sometimes, getting lost in this world can lead to a lack of time management.

Twitch is a website owned by Amazon. It’s just like us getting on Facebook or going to Target--because, who goes to Target without browsing every single aisle? We go in for a couple of essentials and leave three hours later with nothing we needed and everything we’ve always wanted, but didn’t know we wanted.

Twitch is a virtual Target experience for our kids. They get on to watch one game. Then, 100 games later and five different users later, they realize it’s four in the morning and they have school the next day.

This scenario might be a little exaggerated, but it does happen like this. Our kids need help with time management to succeed in life, so use Twitch as a learning experience by following these tips.

Set a Time Limit

Help your kids manage their time wisely by setting a time limit on their devices. If they want to be on Twitch for the entire allotted amount of time, that’s fine. But, once that timer goes off, the device is turned off or taken away.

By giving them the freedom to choose how they spend their time on technology, they still get a sense of independence. By setting a time limit on screen time, they learn boundaries they can use when they’re off at college and beyond.

Remove Electronics From Their Room

This one is for the true addicts. They get on their device right after school and you don’t see them again. When you wake up at two in the morning, you see the light on in your kid’s room and they’re still deeply captivated by the live streaming.

Not only is it beneficial to set a time limit, but you can also have a certain time to turn in electronics. When it’s the specified time, your child brings you their computer, tablet, cell phone, gaming console, etc.

This sounds extreme, but if your child struggles with getting lost in the world of Twitch, it might be worth it until some changes are made.

Make a plan with your kids. Let them be a part of setting the boundaries and guidelines. Help them develop good time management as well as experience the responsibility of that time management. They might not like it now, but they’ll appreciate it when they’re on their own.