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The Importance of Sports Equipment!

Unfortunately sports injuries are a part of the game! But it’s the sports injuries we can prevent that we should be thinking about. Studies show that over 60% of all injuries happen during practice and most parents admit to not being as strict about sports equipment during practice.

So it’s important all parents and athletes know exactly what they need during games and practices.

And it’s the younger kids we really need to protect. 40% of all sports related injuries happen to kids ages 5-14.

Here’s what you need to stay safe:


Cleats Shin guards – These should cover the majority of the shin and be secured by the appropriate fitting sock.

Baseball and Softball

Cleats (non-metal) Batters should wear a helmet at all times Catchers should wear facemask, chest protector and shin guards


Cleats, Helmet, Neck Collar/Neck Roll, Jockstrap and Cup, Mouthguard, Thigh, Hip and Knee Pads, Shoulder Pads and Gloves


Crosse Ball, Helmet, Mouthpiece and Gloves


Helmet with strap and face cage or visor. Neck guard, Shoulder pads, Elbow pads, Hockey Jersey, Hockey gloves, Hockey pants, Garter, Shin guards, Hockey socks and Mouthguard


Basketball shoes, Mouthguard and Faceguard (if needed)