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The Rules & Regulations of Tennis

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Tennis shoes are necessary to play this sport. No black-soled shoes are allowed, because it blemishes the tennis court. A tennis racket is your must-have piece of equipment to play—make sure you keep your racket intact! If a tennis racket has loose stiches or is broken in any way, it will not be allowed on the court (in an actual match). And, finally, you’ll need plenty of tennis balls.

Rules of the Game

Tennis is a physically demanding sport. Once the game begins, it is played continuously until the match ends. Only twenty seconds are allowed between points and ninety seconds are allowed for players to change ends at the end of a game.

During the game, one player serves the ball and the ball must continue to go over the net until a player misses. There are different tennis shots, including the serve, a forehand, backhand, double-handed backhand, a topspin, slice, drop shot, volley, lob, and overhead smash.

Scoring System

Scoring a tennis match is done by keeping the server’s scores first. When both players are on zero, it is called the love all start. The first, second, third, and fourth points are called 15, 30, 40, and game. When both players have received three points, the score is termed as a deuce. A deuce extends the game by one point. Therefore, after a deuce comes advantage. And finally, after advantage comes game. To win the game, a player must win two consecutive points after a deuce.