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Lacrosse ~ A History Lesson and Why it’s so Beneficial!

Lacrosse is a great sport for both boys and girls but little is known about it if you don’t play it. I have never played the sport but have admired those who do play. It’s a very active sport that is growing here in the United States.

It’s believed that Lacrosse began back in the 1400’s by North American Indian tribes. It’s played with a rubber ball and a lacrosse stick. The crosse is a long-handled racquet with a net designed to catch and hold the ball. Today the game is played by most high school’s in this country.

Thinking about playing Lacrosse? Here are some of the benefits:

-Great Exercise for Mind and Body Lacrosse uses up energy so kids will burn a ton of calories playing the game. Exercise will also make you feel good by releasing endorphins. Regular exercise can also help prevent obesity in kids.

-Builds Endurance Just like basketball and soccer, Lacrosse is very fast paced. It takes a lot of endurance and strength to play. Especially with all the running up and down the field. It helps to build the endurance kids need to grow and develop character.

-Social Interaction Any team sport will help kids meet and get to know other kids. Making friends helps build confidence and self-esteem. Being part of a team also helps kids feel good about themselves.

So what will your kids need if they play Lacrosse? -Stick -Mouth Guard -Cleats -Gloves -Helmet with face guard -Shoulder pads -Elbow pads -Goggles

With all sports boys and girls need other equipment for protection. But the majority of the equipment is the same.