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Investing in Video Games

Getting the kids to live a healthy, active lifestyle can be difficult. Their changing bodies need so much extra sleep, but they also need physical activity to burn off all of the extra energy their bodies have. It’s an important balancing act. One that usually ends in a breakdown! But we’re here to help. We’ve researched some different ways to encourage your kids to get active.

Use social media and social experiences to motivate them.

Kids are always pushing to be in the know. They want the latest gadget, they want the latest gaming console, they want to watch the most talked about shows. So use this to your advantage. Right now, the esports are huge. Encourage your kids to balance their time wisely--exercise and stay active then play video games.

Stay in the know. Get involved in your child’s gaming habits. Find games you can bond over. And, just to keep us parents humble, let your kids teach you a thing or two!

Use whatever social experience is relevant to engage with your children. Whether it’s baseball season or they like playing Madden on the PlayStation, use their interests to get them motivated.

Make them feel special

No matter what age, all kids want special attention from their parents. It’s important to have one-on-one time with each of your kids. Find each of your kids’ passions and pursue them together. Maybe it’s yoga, maybe it’s hiking, maybe it’s esports and video games--whatever activity or sport you can do together, support them and help them hone in on their craft.

What are some of your kids favorite activities? Do you consider video games a craft worth investing in? Let us know!