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Reclaiming Focus After Spring Break

iStock Photo/Sports Moms Illustration

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Spring break isn’t fulfilling without a bag of chips and plenty of sweet treats. But the high amount of sugar can start affecting your child’s ability to stay focused and get their work done. Make sure that you provide a nutritious and filling breakfast for the kids on their first day back. This will help them have the energy they need to sit still in class.

Pack a healthy lunch that refuels them for the rest of the afternoon. Carrot sticks and ranch are a great alternative to chips. They still have the crunch that kids love, but also has the health benefits they need. Nuts, provided they don’t have any allergies, are also a great source of protein that kids love to crunch on. Put a cold water bottle in their lunch so they stay hydrated. Avoid juices that are filled with sugar and will actually tire them out for the remainder of the school day.

Pick foods and snacks that will give them energy and not cause them to crash.

Ask Questions About Their Day

Talk to your child about recess. Find out if they like to run around and play tag or sit in the slide and chat with their friends. Knowing the amount of energy your child burns off during recess will help you assess their behavior at home. Do they have friends that they play with or are they lone rangers? A child’s social behavior plays a drastic role in their ability to focus. Ask questions and find out their behaviors at school so that you can understand their responses at home.

Establish a Calming Bedtime Routine

With the lack of routine from spring break, establishing a bedtime routine can really help your child calm down—physically and emotionally. Talk about their fears and frustrations, calm them, and love on them. When kids feel safe at home, they walk with more confidence at school.

From a practical viewpoint, a routine gives them stability in their schoolwork. Have them read a book, take a bath, and relax before bed. This will make for a much more peaceful morning.