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Swim Gear that Keeps Little Ones Safe

Swimming is one our family’s favorite pastimes. Living in Texas, swimming is one of the only ways to cool off during the summer months. And let’s be honest, summer tends to last from May through September. To keep everyone safe during swim time, it’s important that families invest in all of the proper swim gear. Here are some of the most important pieces you’ll need to keep everyone safe!


No matter what age you are, no matter how many clouds are in the sky, it’s crucial to wear sunscreen. Sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays that can burn your skin, and even cause skin cancer. Protect your skin with a liquid sunscreen—the sticks and sprays aren’t as effective. Lather the sunscreen on any exposed skin about 15 minutes prior to getting in the pool. Use a sunscreen with SPF of no less than 30 and no more than 50 (studies have shown that SPF 50 is the same coverage as SPF above 50). Reapply about every two hours to keep protected.

Proper Swim Wear

Swimsuits are designed to protect your body and the pool. When you wear denim, cotton, and other materials that are not swimsuits, you can throw off the chemical balance in the pool. In fact, a lot of pools will ask that you change if you even attempt to get in the water without proper swim wear on.

In addition to your swimsuit, it’s beneficial to invest in a rash guard for additional coverage, especially for young kids. A rash guard is a fitted spandex or nylon top that provides added protection on top of a bathing suit. Babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults benefit from protecting their skin!

If you really want to protect yourself, wear a hat when swimming. It’s amazing how fast the sun can get to your scalp, ears, and neck if you don’t have a hat on.

Swim Gear

If you have little ones who aren’t quite strong swimmers yet, it’s crucial that you invest in swim gear to keep them afloat. From puddle jumpers to baby floats, learn-to-swim tube trainers to armband floaties, life jackets, and everything in between, try different brands and different types of floatation devices until you find one that your swimmers are comfortable wearing and safe to swim in.

Proper fit is essential for flotation gear for young swimmers. The device should keep your child’s head safely above water. Follow the weight and height guidelines and make sure it’s placed on your swimmer correctly.

When you have the proper swim gear, a good swimsuit, and protective sunscreen, you can enjoy hours at the pool—cooling off, playing games, and making memories!