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Training Your Mind for Gameday

Training your mind is equally as important as the physical training that goes into sports. You have to learn how to tune out the naysayers, the crowd, the distractions. You have to walk into each game with clarity of mind. You have to be in the right state of mind to go, fight, win. And that is a tall order. Luckily, there are plenty of incredible training tips that can help you work on your focus and peace of mind.

Build Your Confidence

This seems like an easy-to-say-harder-to-do type of tip, but don’t worry. You can build your confidence by reinforcing positive thinking. Not just in your abilities in your sport, but in every day life. Don’t beat yourself up in your mind. Talk positively. And when you catch yourself doubting your abilities, stop and refocus.

To build your confidence think about past successes. Go back to tough times and remember the hurdles you had to jump over to get to the finish life. Remember that even through the difficulties you faced, you came out stronger and successful.

Create a Routine

Routines make the world go round. Having a training program can help you establish a routine. And there’s nothing our minds appreciate more than stability. Routines can be established in any aspect of your life. Having a routine helps you to stay calm and focused on individual steps so you don’t stress at the thought of the overall plan. A routine of positive thinking is a great way to accomplish tip number one.

Some really helpful routines for before any game or activity that makes you anxious is relaxation and breathing exercises. Before the game take long, deep breaths. Calm your body, prepare for victory, and visualize yourself where you want to be.

Stay Focused

It’s so easy to start visualizing during your pre-game routine then get distracted by the way ifs and the uphill battles. But stay focused. Don’t allow negative thoughts to cloud your judgement. Remain positive, confidence, and focused on your task.

I’ve, personally, never heard of an athlete who succeeded by losing their control and focus and calm. While you might work well under pressure, you still need to be calm, cool, and collected. Start using these tips during off season and get your mind ready for next season.