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How to Keep Your Home Protected During the Summer

Summer is here and the heat is real, at least it is in the unpredictable state of Texas! That means it’s time to set the sprinkler system on automatic, get the attic fan going, and automate the house to keep you cool and the kids safe.

If you have older kids who spend their days at home while you’re at work, having the latest home automation can be life-changing. From video doorbells to syncing your phone to open the garage, turn on lights, and all kinds of back-to-the-future type of gadgets, automating you home is next level.

Video surveillance is quickly becoming the norm. People want to protect their property. And video cameras are becoming much more affordable to ensure that your home, your yard, and your vehicles are safe while you’re sleeping or away.

Video doorbells are another huge hit on the market. Who could’ve imagined that we would live in a world where you can answer your door when you’re not even home! It’s crazy amazing. Investing in these gadgets can keep your family safe, packages safe, and home safe when you’re away.

With monitoring from your smartphone, you can also safely leave your older kids at home during the summer and still know exactly what they’re doing! With alerts when the doors, including the garage, and windows open, you’ll never have to worry about sneaking out.

And just think of the peace of mind you’ll have when you go on vacation! Home automation is perfect when you’re going on vacation and still want to check on your home. So, my Sports Moms friends, it’s time we step into a new era of technology.