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What to Wear on Mother’s Day

Here are great outfit inspirations to look trendy and cute for your Mother’s Day celebration:

Brunch with the Family

A pair of dark skinny jeans paired with this a casual blazer and layered with jewelry is the perfect look for a special meal with family and friends. It’s casual but classy.

Layering is so important in creating an intentional look. A blazer can take an every day, t-shirt and jeans look and turn it into an intentional outfit. Once you’ve added something like a blazer, make sure to dress it up with accessories. From a scarf to a necklace, a handbag or wristlet, having accessories adds so much depth to your look.

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Dressing Up for the Occasion

Whether you’re headed to church, brunch, or anywhere in between, you can never go wrong with a flowy dress or skirt.

As with the jeans and a blazer look, the key to completing your outfit is layering. Anyone can throw on a pair of pants, shoes, and a shirt. But when you add a layer, it makes your outfit stand out. When you wear a dress, layering really comes from the jewelry and handbag you choose.

Make sure to coordinate which handbag you wear with the color of your dress. There’s nothing worse than leaving the house in a gorgeous dress and having your cross body ruin your look.

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Cute and Casual

Whether you’re enjoying a day of shopping or going on a family walk, dressing casual can be just as fun as dressing up.

Whether you’re a believer in leggings or stick strictly to jeans, you can piece together a great outfit that’s trendy and cute by adding converse to your look. Jeans, a flowing t-shirt or tank, with a pair of white or black converse and a cross-body is the perfect outfit to go out and enjoy the day without worrying about clothing restrictions or being uncomfortable.

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Whatever you choose to wear, make it yours! We all have that favorite pair of pants we can’t live without. You don’t have to sacrifice your favorites for style. Combine your favorites and layer with a choker necklace or a cute handbag to give it an extra flair of fashion.