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The Keto Diet is winning the popularity contest for now. It seems most everyone is talking about it. The diet calls for eating a very small amount of carbs like only 5 percent of your total food intake and that can be hard for some people. The rest of the diet is about 20 percent protein and 75 percent fat. By eating fats and minimal carbs, your body goes into Ketosis where fats are burned for energy. People do see results quickly but it is not easy to stay on.

Before you dive into this diet, ask your friends or family who have been on it how they adjusted to this new way of eating. They can offer a firsthand account of their success and their slip ups. Ask them how easy it is to prepare meals and how to eat out on it successfully. I have a couple of friends who have been on it for several months and swear it works for them. They have lost around 25 pounds.

Of course, do your research online about this popular diet. If you have any health conditions, consult your doctor. Remember, this diet will be a major lifestyle change for you. Walking away from carbs and sugar can be very difficult.

One good thing about Keto, you don’t feel hungry because fatty food are more filling and you don’t need to count calories.

Keto Diet approved foods consists of: meat; fatty fish; eggs; butter and cream; unprocessed cheese; nuts and seeds; healthy oils like coconut, extra virgin olive and avocado oil; most green vegetables and tomatoes; avocados; salt, pepper, and spices.

These foods are on the No No list: sugary drinks like soda; fruit juice; cake; ice cream and candy; starches and grains like rice, pasta and cereal; all fruit except a small portion of berries; beans or legumes; potatoes and carrots; low fat or diet products; alcohol.

You may want to start slowly weaning yourself off carbs and substituting protein and the recommended fats before totally going Keto. The next step would be to plan and shop for a week’s worth of Keto eating and take the plunge. Good luck!