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Find below all food and nutrition related help and advice for Sports Moms.

Feeding Your Athletes Before A Summer Game

Feeding Your Athletes Before a Summer Game

Playing summer sports is a little more intensive than other seasonal sports when it comes to combating the heat.  The summer sun has a way of depleting us of energy and leaving us dehydrated. To make sure your athletes are healthy and prepared for each game day, make sure you feed and hydrate them with the proper essentials.

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Keeping The Kids Focused For The End Of School

Keeping the Kids Focused for the End of School

By mid-May it’s a wonder that students, and teachers, still have any energy for school.  Sitting in the classroom, knowing the sun is out and vacation is only a couple of weeks away just makes kids anxious and antsy.  If you’ve noticed the summer shift in your kids, we’ve got some tips to help them regain their focus for the end of school.

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How To Keep Your Child Active And Healthy

How to Keep Your Child Active and Healthy

From their first stages of development, our children look to us, their caregivers, to learn behaviors and, subconsciously, create habits.  That’s why it’s so important to live a healthy lifestyle.

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What To Eat When Training For Spring Sports

What to Eat When Training for Spring Sports

To help keep your kids’ energy levels up and prepare for spring sporting events, your athletes need the proper nutrients.  Check out these tips on what to eat before and after a sporting event.

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Easy Soup Recipes

Easy Soup Recipes

We love celebrating the Olympics big in our home.  Not only do we host our own opening ceremony, but we come together every night to watch the different events and cheer on Team USA.  But one thing that always ruins a good night is having to prepare a meal and being taken away from the rest of the family.  So I found some soup recipes that are easy to make and make my life easier!

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Planning a Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl is almost here.  And what is the Super Bowl without a good party?  Whether you watch football or not, you’re probably planning on attending a Super Bowl party, and possibly even hosting. So here are some ideas to get your Super Bowl party started.

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Post Game Foods That Fuel

Post-Game Foods that Fuel

When you’re an athlete, you burn through calories ridiculously fast.  And that means that you need to be replenished with healthy, hearty meals after a big game.  To help you get the best nutrients out of your post-game or post-workout, here are some meal ideas to keep you strong!

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Staying Active

Staying Active During Off Season

No athlete looks forward to off season.  The thrill of the game is ingrained into the depth of who you are.  But, off season doesn’t have to be the enemy.  Utilize this time to rest, train, and prepare for next season.  

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