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Which Lunch Boxes are the Best?

It is a rite of passage in August for parents and kids to make the pilgrimage to the store for back-to-school supplies. But before buying crayons, map pencils or scissors, check to see if any of last years’ can be used again, that will save you a little money. One item that can probably be tossed is the lunchbox. After a year of use and spills in the bottom, it may be time for a new one. We did a little research on the best type of lunch box for your child’s age and here is what we found:


A bento box with compartments works well for the little ones. It opens easily and has several small trays so the food does not touch. Cut up apples, grapes, cheese and carrots along with a sandwich on one side. Look for boxes where the tray can lift out. It can be used in the microwave and put in the dishwasher.


Choose a bright colored freezable canvas lunch bag. Put the whole bag in the freezer the night before, fill it up with lunch items in the morning, and it will stay cool until lunchtime. Another option is to make the meal the night before and pop it the fridge until time to leave in the morning. There’s no need to worry about ice packs with this model.

Middle School and High School

Choose a slightly bigger lunchbox for slightly bigger appetites. Try a sturdier insulated flip top lunch box. The top will hold sandwiches or chips safely without being crushed. The lower section can be used for drinks, snacks or plastic containers of food like soup, mac and cheese or leftovers.

For the busy high schooler who stays on campus long hours for extracurricular activities, you may want to consider a large lunch box like a 9 can cooler design one. This big sturdy lunch box can fit 2 lunches and several drinks inside. You will need ice packs for this model and it won’t fit in a backpack but your student can use it all day to keep hydrated and hunger pains away.

Gone are the days of the metal lunch boxes with favorite TV shows or cartoons on them but fortunately we have more durable designs with lots of ways to keep food cool. Remember to check your child’s lunch box and clean it when needed. Some can even be washed on gentle cycle in the washing machine. Be sure and check before you throw the instructions away on what works best