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Organizing a fundraiser

The team roster has been filled and the fundraising begins. For many teams, raising money is the only way to go. The thought of planning a campaign or asking for dollars can be stressful. Take a deep breath, get positive and get organized.

The first thing is to determine the amount needed to be raised. Consider all aspects of the season along with out-of-the-ordinary expenses. What if your team extends the season to play in the championship? Will there be extra tournament or travel fees? Will that be an additional fundraiser? It’s important for the coach to be in on these conversations so he or she knows the game plan for the funds.

Determine if the fundraising will be a group effort or individual responsibility. That will likely depend on the needs of the team and age of players. Reliable group fundraising where teammates work together would be a car wash, concession stand sales and restaurant nights. Examples of individual projects would be selling chocolate, cookie dough, coupon books or game squares.

When fundraisers are decided, hold a team meeting or craft a detailed email with specifics about the event or events. Make it easy to promote the fundraiser with flyers and announcements on social media. Encourage parents to share or retweet the fundraiser details. Make a short video with your phone. Have the team do a chant or hold up a sign letting fans know about the event. Don’t be the only one in charge, ask for help from others-a fundraising committee is ideal.

Once the fundraiser begins, check on the progress and give words of encouragement. When it’s over, thank the participants and let them know if they reached the goal. It’s always good to have a backup fundraising idea to make up for a shortfall. Believe it or not, when they grow up and out of team sports, you will miss this. Good luck on your season!