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Pool Exercises That Will Keep You Toned

Water Jogging

Such a simple concept. But, it’s true. Jogging the shallow end of the pool or jogging in place in the pool can help you burn some serious calories. With the resistance of the water, you burn more calories per minute in the water than on land.


Planks are no easy exercise. They are designed to strengthen your core and upper body. If you don’t have strong upper body strength, jump in the pool for your plank.

You will need a pool noodle (the long piece of foam, shaped like a spaghetti noodle, that floats). Hold it vertically and press it down into the water. Leaning forward until you reach an even incline, try to stabilize yourself for about two minutes.

Pool planks will push you to use your core muscles and may require you to kick your feet.

Balance Training

Balance requires a strong core. One way to strengthen your core and keep toned is to balance on one leg. Sounds easy, right? When the waves of the water create resistance against you, balancing in the water can be tough. Take the challenge and try to hold yourself upright on each leg for one minute intervals.

You can add to this simple exercise to increase difficulty. Try lifting your arms over your head as you balance on one leg. Include the kids, by have them jog around you to create a current.

When it comes to working out in the water, the options are endless. Risk of falling and injury is much lower and your ability to utilize your body weight is maximized. Take advantage of your time at the pool and keep toned while spending time with the kids!