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Soccer Gear for Beginners

iStock Photo/Sports Moms Illustration

Soccer Cleats

Soccer cleats made with rubber, metal cleats are not allowed, are the shoes necessary to play soccer. Cleats are designed to grip the grass and keep your child safe from Mother Nature. When it rains and your kids run on grass, there’s a high chance of slipping. Soccer cleats assist in balance and provide extra grip so your kids don’t fall.

Shin Guards

Because soccer is a contact sport and because all of the athletes wear cleats, it’s important to wear shin guards. Made of plastic worn over the shin, these guards reduce the chance of injury and protect bones from being kicked.


Your league will most likely provide a full uniform, or at least a team shirt. If you need to buy shorts for your athlete, you can find athletic shorts at most any store, from sporting goods stores to any department store.

Once you’ve got your uniform lined out, you’ll need soccer socks. These are extra long to cover the shin guards. Check with your coach to see if a specific color is required.

Soccer Ball

Check with your coach to see what size soccer ball you’ll need for your child’s age group. Bring your soccer ball to practice and use it at home to practice dribbling, shooting, and other drills.