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Lacrosse Training Tips for Beginners

iStock Photo/Sports Moms Illustration

Communication is Key

Lacrosse requires extremely open dialogue. The players must communicate effectively and often during the game. From telling each other who to cover and who’s playing what position to who’s got the ball, taking to each other is crucial.

Making a Shot

There are four ways to make a shot, including the underhand long shot, the overhand long shot, the backhand shot, and the sidearm long shot. Players can also fake shots to throw off their opponents by making it appear as if they’re going to shoot from one direction, but really shooting from another direction.

Handling the Ball

In lacrosse, you have to be precise in your moves. When catching the ball, you have to let the stick sink back a little, kind of like when you are catching an egg. This keeps the ball from popping out of the stick head. When running with the ball, you want the ball in the pocket of your stick, an art known as cradling. Cradling the ball is harder than it looks and requires a lot of practice. Cradling allows you to run with the ball without having to keep your eyes glued to it.

Using Your Hands

When holding your lacrosse stick, you can alternate hands. And you should. Being able to throw and catch with both hands makes for a more proficient player. When passing, use your hands to flick the stick, creating sharp passes.

Take Initiative

One of the most important aspects of the game is to take initiative. This game is fast-paced and is a contact sport. If you want the ball, you have to go to it, it isn’t a zone game where the ball with eventually come to you.

Lacrosse is a great game for learning the value of teamwork. Do you think you athletes would enjoy it?