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Tips on Staying Hydrated

You’ve probably always been told to drink eight cups of water each day. And as simple as that sounds, it can be hard to do when you’re busy. It’s difficult to stay hydrated, especially when you’re running errands and staying busy throughout the day. But during these fast-paced spring days, drinking water is a – literal – life-saver. Here are three simple tips to help you stay hydrated this season.

Being busy is a huge factor in dehydration. You’re so busy at work that you don’t have time to take a break, you’re so busy wrangling the kids that even a sip of water seems out of reach, you’re so distracted by the demands of life that the simplest task of taking a drink of water seems impossible. What makes hydration a little easier to achieve are three simple reminders.

Always keep a water bottle with you.

Whether you are pro-plastic or prefer your stainless-steel cup, never leave the house without water. When you have water within reach, you’re much more likely to grab it and take a quick drink. In fact, if you always have water with you, it will become a natural habit to consistently take a drink.

Make water your go-to source for energy.

When you’re feeling hazy, light-headed, frazzled, or discombobulated, taking a drink of water should be your first response. The effects of water on your body are incredible. Before you lay down or reach for medicine, drink a glass of cold water.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Did you know water isn’t the only way to hydrate your body? Our bodies are so complex and require proper maintenance. That can be a difficult task when you’re busy but make your health a priority. One final tip on staying hydrated is to eat properly.

From quick snacks to your larger meals, make sure that your food intake is filled with water-rich foods, like fruit, yogurt, and vegetables. Processed foods like crackers and chips give no nutritional value and can actually leave you more depleted than before.