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The Best Time of Day for an Outdoor Workout

iStock Photo/Sports Moms Illustration

There’s something about spring. It’s inviting and bright and filled with incredible memories. It’s a favored time of year because the outdoor activities are endless. From hiking to cycling to running, spring offers so many ways to workout outside that it’s hard to resist.

While working out in the great outdoors is freeing, the unpredictable weather can pose a problem, especially in the south. So, if you want to get outside and experience nature while you get your steps in, consider changing up your schedule to accommodate the heat.

Avoid the hottest part of the day.

From about 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the sun comes out in full force. It’s not like the good heat from hot yoga either. It’s truly damaging to your body. So unless you’re training for an event that’s being held between these hours, choose a morning or evening workout schedule.

If, however, you are training, there are ways to protect your skin and stay healthy. First, wear sunscreen. Find a sunscreen with at least 30 spf and follow the directions carefully. Apply 15 minutes before heading outside and then reapply every two hours. Second, stay hydrated. Bring plenty of water to drink throughout your workout. Take frequent breaks in the shade to give your body the rest it needs! Don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel lightheaded, you’ve overexerted. Listen to your body.

Work out in the morning.

It’s not always convenient to get up early during the school year, but when you want a quality, healthy workout, early morning is the best time of day to exercise. So grab your running shoes and hit the trails before you rush to get the kids up and off to school.

There are so many morning workouts to choose from. Switch things up between yoga, hiking, running trails, and cycling. Whatever activity you choose, make sure you’re staying safe. Even in the morning before the sun gets hot, you should apply sunscreen and stay hydrated.

Work out in the evening.

If waking up early isn’t feasible, go for an evening stroll. From walking around the park while the kids exert energy to running hills, climbing stairs, or doing an outdoor yoga class, evening workouts are the perfect way to release stress after a long day.

Again, even though the sun isn’t scorching, it’s important to wear sunscreen if the sun is still out. Bring a cold rag, a water bottle, and possible even bug repellent to keep you healthy and safe during your workout.