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Video Game Time Management Tricks & Tips

It’s the beginning of Labor Day weekend, which means your kids get an entire extra day to lounge out and play video games. Back in the day, video games were only available on consoles that were purchased at stores and hooked up to the tv. But now, video games are accessible no matter where you are. From smartphones to tablets and computers, whenever there’s a free moment, both parents and children can start up a game to pass the time.

If you’re concerned about the amount of time you or your kids spend playing games, here are some tips and tricks!

Set a Timer

Seems extreme, especially for adults, but it’s so easy to get into your favorite game and get lost in this virtual world. Before you know it, hours have passed. If you really want to limit the time you spend gaming, set a timer.

Create Boundaries

Our world is filled with gaming. It connects us, allows us to meet new people, learn new things, and experience a new world. But, when that virtual world overtakes reality, you know it’s time to step in and create boundaries.

You don’t want young gamers connecting with just anyone. Set boundaries with your kids, give them the responsibility of choosing how they game wisely. They don’t talk to strangers in public, so why would they talk to strangers on the internet?

Boundaries also include time limits. Gaming is fun and can establish some great social and life skills, but it’s important to do things in moderation. Having a schedule can help your kids know their boundaries without having the “five more minutes” argument.

Establish Trust

Setting boundaries will help you and your kids with trust and respect. They are allowed to play these games when they respect the boundaries that have been established through open communication. And once you see that you can trust them—once they’ve shown a pattern of respect for these boundaries—a bond is established. Who knew gaming could be a bonding experience?