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Christmas Gift Shopping for Kids of All Ages

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a daunting task. With kids in such different stages of life, it’s hard to know what everyone will appreciate. Here are some tips to make your Christmas list a little less stressful.

Before you head to the mall, look at the latest ads and see what the hot items are for the season. Talk with your kids and family members to see what they want most. Make a list of everyone you have to shop for. Think about where they shop, what their style is, and some of their favorites. Consider both the practical side and the sentimental side of shopping.

To help you get an idea on good gifts for different age groups, we’ve made a quick list of ideas.

Young Kids

When gifting young kids up to about age 7, shop in the toy section! To show you care, find a toy that’s their favorite color, but still a fun toy they’ll appreciate. If they have plenty of toys, consider passes to their favorite places. Take them to Build-A-Bear, Chuck-E-Cheese, Six Flags, the zoo, the trampoline park, or another place they enjoy.


Kids between ages 7 and 13 are in this unique in-between stage of life. They aren’t teenagers, but they aren’t little kids either. They’re learning how to have independence. They’re growing up and finding new interests of their own. But, they’re still kids. They still play after school. For this age group, electronics are your friend. A smartwatch or a camera, for example. Throw in a fun case that has pattern or their favorite character on it and all the sudden it’s the perfect mix of young and mature.


Teenagers aren’t quite adults. Most still depend on Mom and Dad for their basic essentials. Clothes, gas, and other needs. Gift them with gas cards, mall cards, and restaurant cards. Or opt for an experience. Take them shopping and let them pick out some new clothes then have lunch together. Other options for this age group include movie tickets, electronics (a new phone and/or phone accessories, a laptop, tablet, etc.), shoes, handbags, and other accessories.

Finding the perfect Christmas gift requires some thought and sentiment. No matter what gift they receive, add a nice note of encouragement and love! That will mean more than any gift money can buy.