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How Old Should Your Kids Be to Trick or Treat Alone?

At what age should you let your child trick to treat alone? Well, that is a million dollar question and the answer is, it depends. It depends on the nature of your kid, your neighborhood and what you are comfortable with.

I looked at several articles and some say 10 years old or around 5th grade is a good age to let kids trick or treat close to home. That is, of course, with a buddy or group of friends. One member of the group should have a cell phone and all should have a flashlight or glow sticks so they could be seen in the dark. Once they are 12, they could venture a few blocks further. At any age, make sure they know the ground rules and how you expect them to behave when out and about. Kids will love this little bit of independence, all dressed up exploring with friends. Caution them about not going to an unlit house and staying away from suspicious people or rowdy teenagers.

And for parents, maybe this would be the first time in many years to be on the other side of the door giving out candy instead of chaperoning trick to treaters. It can be fun to dress up the front porch with pumpkins, spooky lights and signs along with scary music blaring while checking out kids, big and small, and what they are wearing.

Most kids look forward to Halloween--even high schoolers. I think it is perfectly fine for them to go out and enjoy the evening, but they have to dress up and be good role models for the younger kids. Ringing the bell in regular clothes with a pillowcase for a treat bag won’t cut it. Childhood passes so fast and school can be so stressful that a night out acting silly and getting candy can be very fun for teens.