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Keeping Your Baseball Player Interested

iStock Photo/Sports Moms Illustration

It’s true that baseball follows a different tempo than other sports. While football and hockey are more action packed, baseball doesn’t provide that adrenaline rush. Hence, the stigma that baseball is boring.

But, man, that mentality is so misguided.

Baseball is a game of strategy. Players have to work together even though they are solely responsible for making contact with the ball. When young athletes start to understand how important their job is, infielders and outfielders, they start to stay more alert and ready. The pressure of working together creates that adrenaline rush.

Teammates want to uphold their responsibilities, even the littler leaguers! Making sure they are watching for different plays and being proactive to communicate with their teammates on where to run when a ground ball is hit or a pop fly is coming right between second and third.

Yes, there are times when baseball has a slower pace—when the coach goes to the mound, the strikes are being consistently thrown, etc. But, when you start to see the game from a strategic viewpoint, the art of baseball comes alive.

If you’ve got an athlete who would rather pick the flowers in the outfield as opposed to staying alert, consider discussing the strategic elements of the game. Run through plays and different scenarios. Activate their mind and watch as their passivity turns into passion.