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Practical Gifts for Teachers

Christmas break is almost here, which means gift giving is in full effect. Teacher gifts are some of the most difficult to purchase because you only know so much about your child’s teacher. If you’re at a loss at what to buy, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of teacher gift ideas that are practical and won’t break the bank.

Teachers work so hard to give our children a great education and prepare them for society. They don’t just teach academics, they teach them manners, social interaction, self-respect, and so much more. Celebrate the teachers in your life with a small token of gratitude.

Christmas Themed Gifts

While handmade gifts are always a kind gesture, taking the time to get to know your kids’ teachers and their specific style also has value. Ask them about their home decor, get to know their personality, and have your child help you pick out an ornament that their teacher will truly want to display on their tree at home.

Teaching Supplies

Teachers love organization and school supplies. Most of the time, they spend their own hard-earned money on fixing up the classroom. If you notice something is starting to get worn out halfway through the year or you want to bless your teachers with markers, file bins, and other supplies, it will be gladly accepted.

I know this gift isn’t pretty like a necklace and it doesn’t smell good like lotion, but they will love having goodies for the classroom! It’s a practical gift that will certainly be put to good use.

Gift Cards

Who doesn’t enjoy the experience of shopping? A gift card is a gift that keeps on giving and teachers love them! Get them ready for Christmas break by gifting them with some extra shopping money or lunch money. It’s a gift you know they’ll love having!

It’s easy to give little knick knacks and baked goods, but teachers get so many that it can quickly become overwhelming. Change things up with something a little more practical that you know they’ll love and use.