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Basketball Practice as a Family Bonding Experience

Basketball can be a great sport to play as a family, mainly because really all you need is a basketball and a place to bounce it. The family can get outside and have some fun even if there is not a net. It’s a great sport for getting the blood flowing and the heart rate up.

My son is a hockey player but he enjoys playing around with the basketball outside the house. We have a container with various sports equipment in the garage and he likes to pick up the basketball when he has free time and when waiting on me to take him to school or practice. We have a make believe net above the garage that we like to aim for. Let’s hope Santa brings him an actual hoop stand for Christmas.

Playing basketball, whether it be at home or at the gym, is good for you. First, the quick moves are great for your cardiovascular health. When you a playing, you are in constant motion using your hands and feet to get that heartbeat going. It is a good family sport because most likely you will burn a few calories but won’t become sore after playing.

In addition, basketball helps enhance hand-eye coordination. Dribbling, passing and shooting puts your brain on overdrive to get the rhythm right. Regular play can help with agility and ease-of-movement side to side. Everyone can benefit from that, especially in this age where many sit at computers working all day.

The moves and tactics in basketball can help improve performance in other sports like soccer and volleyball and it is a good mood booster. Think about it for a minute, who isn’t smiling after they play a quick game with family or friends.

Basketball is a team sport. Teammates must learn to work together and trust one another. Passing the ball and knowing your teammates’ strengths makes for success on the court. It’s also fun to play against family members and blow off a little steam.

The family down the street has four boys and most often than not their dad is out there shooting hoops with them after work. It’s not only good for their health but a sign of love and commitment from their dad. After a long day of work he would probably like to chill on the couch, be he chooses to spend time with his gang, and that is something his boys will always remember. A decent basketball costs $15, so pick one up and start your own family basketball journey.