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Football Practice Gear

Football is a unique sport that requires a lot of protective gear and equipment. From pee wee football to high school and beyond, it’s crucial that your player has effective practice gear to keep them safe and ready for the big game. Here are some of the best training gear and equipment on the market.

It’s important that your athlete is comfortable and safe during practice. From shoulder pads to padded pants, having gear that’s both protective and comfortable allows players to get the most out of their training sessions.


Shoulder pads are a given in football. They keep you safe during tackles and other points of contact. Under the shoulder pads, make sure that your athlete has a comfortable shirt. For those in colder regions, long sleeves are beneficial. If you’re practicing in hot weather, however, you might consider a shirt that you can remove the sleeves from.


You’ll also want to ensure that your child is protected by investing in padded football pants, a cup, socks, and cleats. Football cleats are vital in the game of football. If your athlete doesn’t have the proper footwear, their entire game will be off. Have your child break in their cleats before going into a tryout. Once they’re broken in, they should only be worn on game days. This keeps the padding and shock absorption at its best. During practice, an older pair of cleats will work just fine. Think of it like wearing last year’s gloves. They’re broken in, they’re effective, but they’re worn in and don’t have the same padding as a new pair.


Gloves are worn by both receivers and offensive linemen. Unlike cleats, your kids should wear their gloves to all practices and games. For offensive linemen, their hands get a lot of use. Not wearing a glove can actually be harmful. For defensive players, the constant hitting, grabbing, and pushing, can leave their hands bruised and cut. Gloves during practice can alleviate some of the pain.

Ankle Braces

While pee wee players might not need ankle braces, higher level athletes can benefit from ankle braces. High school programs use tape when recovering from an injury, but ankle braces can be just as effective. Some programs require ankle braces for practices, so check with your athlete’s program to be sure.

Staying safe is an important aspect of football. Keep your players safe in both games and practices by investing in the right gear.