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Sports Themed Costumes for the Family

It takes effort to find or create a Halloween costume for your kids and even more a challenge to outfit the whole family. The effort is worth it for the photo opportunities and fun you will have trick or treating together. I love checking out friends’ social media pictures who have gone to the effort of decking out the whole gang. They are all so creative. Don’t know where to begin? We’ve got some sport-themed ideas with stuff you may already have to get you started.

Most families have that one team that is their favorite. Whether it be a pro, college or the local high school team, dress the family in spirit shirts or jerseys and apply makeup to resemble zombies. Your family could be the zombie fan club.

Another idea: wear you favorite team jersey and apply face paint to match the team name or mascot. This works well when your team mascot is an animal that is easy to create with face paint like a tiger, lion, bird or dog.

Have one person in the family dress like a referee and outfit the rest in opposing team shirts or jerseys. It’s even more perfect if you have a baby that you can dress like a football for a traveling football game family. Purchase a solid brown onesie for your little one and put white duct or medical tape on the front for the lines of the football.

These are inexpensive ideas to use what’s in the closet to make Halloween night a carefree, fun family outing. For more ideas, check out Pinterest or other family Halloween costume websites.