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Superstitions Surrounding Sports

Serena Williams is a tennis genius. Her ability and skill, her knowledge of the game, her athleticism; it’s all incredible. But did you know that she doesn’t change her socks during a tournament. No, no, Sports Moms, we aren’t talking one game, we are talking an entire tournament! Hope your kids don’t pick up on that one!

Michael Jordan is known by sports enthusiasts and the average Joe alike. He was a force to be reckoned with. Under his NBA shorts, he always wore his UNC shorts. That’s one superstition we can get behind. As long as they get washed after each game!

One NCAA basketball coach, Jerry Tarkanian, who was incredibly successful, chewed on a towel during each game. He hated having to go to the water fountain, so he decided to wet a towel and chew on it to keep his mouth nice and wet. That one decision turned into a superstition.

One Major League baseball player never washed his hat. It was dingy, it was sweaty, it was disgusting. But it was Steve Kline’s superstition. It was widely talked about among fans and became so popular that the St. Louis Cardinals held a “Steve Kline Hat Day,” and the first 5,000 fans to the stadium got their own dirty hat.

Patrick Roy, an NHL legend had a very interesting superstition. He held genuine conversations with his goal posts. He’s also believed to be the best goaltender in NHL history.

Many of these superstitions are unique at best, but the people behind these superstitions are the most famous in their sport, so maybe the weirder the superstition, the more success it brings.

Do your kids have any superstitions during their sporting events? Let us know!