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Unique Fundraising Ideas

When I was growing up, fundraisers consisted of car washes and bake sales. It’s nice to see that our society has come a long way with creative and inspiring fundraisers. If your school, charity, or sports organization is looking for a unique fundraising idea, check out the following list.


Have each player on the team bring an item for auction. Maybe it’s a date box, maybe it’s memorabilia, or even a voucher for an activity. Be creative and have fun with the auction. It’s for a great cause!


Host a walkathon or marathon and have supporters show their passion for health and sports. It’s a great way to get the whole family involved. Determine a location (the school’s track would be perfect) and pick a time. Then, design some merchandise to sell—water bottles, arm bands, sweat bands, t-shirts, etc.

When doing a fundraiser that involves health and wellness, make sure you have first-aid supplies on-hand in the case of an injury.

Battle of the Bands

Find some local bands who want some attention from the community. Create a sign-up sheet and make sure you advertise for the event so that anyone in the community can participate. Sell tickets beforehand and then charge at-the-door prices. You can also charge for concessions, if you think that will be worth the investment.

Talent Show

Along the same lines as the Battle of the Bands, hosting a talent show can be a really fun way to bring in some money for your cause. Open the performance platform to the entire community and charge admissions at the door. Parents will pay to see their kids on stage, trust me!

Backyard Barbecue & Chili Cook off

Everyone loves to eat. And people from the entire community will pay to eat some good food and support their local schools, so hosting a chili cook-off, backyard barbecue, or something similar is the perfect idea. Sell tickets at the gate or per plate.

These are just a few fun ideas for making your fundraiser interactive and enjoyable for everyone. Find ways to get everyone involved, sell tickets for a reasonable price, and make sure it’s organized well!