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A Nod to the Band Moms

Band moms are often overlooked on Friday nights. The football players are center stage, the cheerleaders are front row. So, naturally, they get more attention. But band students are equally as important to creating the Friday night experience that all of us love so much.

Imagine a football game with no music.

The band playing staple snippets of songs from the bleachers then taking center stage at half time to perform is integral to Friday nights. These students work so hard to learn their instruments as well as their steps to march for the fan.

And, behind every band student, is a band mom.

Band moms are heroes. They lug their child’s instrument around, they pay for new reeds, new metronomes, new marching shoes, and the list goes on. Beyond the financial commitment of band, these moms are there for every game, volunteering in the concessions and staying throughout the entire game to see their child perform during halftime.

At Sports Moms, we value the band and the band moms for all of their hard work and dedication to their sport. Marching band sets the perfect foundation for students to develop in the arts. Learning to read music, master an instrument, and do so all while marching in strategic formations is incredible.

We want all of the band moms out there to know, we see you. We see you in the stands cheering for every touchdown, but really cheering when it’s halftime. We see you after the game, helping your kiddo load their instrument. We see you driving across town to that away game.

Band moms tend to get overlooked in the crowd, but we see you. Thank you for investing in your child’s music. Thanks you for encouraging them to pursue their passions and commit to their program. Friday nights wouldn’t be the same without the music and talent they bring.