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How to Combat the Day-After-Christmas Lull

The day after Christmas has always been a dreaded day in our family. We go-go-go and then all of the sudden, everything stops. It sounds nice in theory, a full day to just rest and relax. But, there’s this lull that sets in, at least for our family.

The kids have built up Christmas in their head and now this huge monumental day is just over. It leaves an empty feeling. So to combat the after Christmas lull, I’ve come up with a couple of ideas I thought I’d share with my fellow moms.

Instead of having nothing planned, make a new tradition—family game day, going to see a Christmas movie, looking at lights, etc. When you have something low-key, but fun to do the day after Christmas, it eases kids back into the normal day-to-day routine instead of just abruptly ending the holiday season.

Family Game Day

Make it a game day. From board games to cards to dominoes to dice, there are so many fun and competitive games the entire family can participate in. Enjoy playing some games between eating leftovers and taking a nap. Or, for more competition and high energy, create a scoreboard with a bracket and make it a full day of fun.

A Christmas Movie

A lot of new movies come out during the holidays. Instead of seeing them all spread out, go to the movies and watch a couple in a row, making it a full-on binge session. This is a memory that the kids will never forget. It’s not often that you can go see more than one movie at a time—bring blankets, buy some popcorn, and enjoy the film.

Looking at Lights

I know you can’t go look at Christmas lights during the day, but when it gets dark, load up in the car and find the best Christmas displays in your neighborhood. It’s the perfect way to end the Christmas festivities.