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Preparing for Thanksgiving Break with the Kids

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The kids are getting out of school for break and the excitement is building. With the kids on break, it can be a stressful week for parents who need to find ways to keep their kiddos happy, entertained, and getting along. Here are some ideas on how to fill your time on Thanksgiving Break.


This is the perfect week to show the kids just how much they have to be grateful for. There are endless organizations that are always open to volunteers. From soup kitchens to special needs camps and so many more in between, find a charity or organization that has openings for volunteers and spend some time giving back.

It’s a little uncomfortable for some kids to really get out of their element and spend time with people who are in a very different place in life, but I can’t express how life changing the experience can be—even for adults!

We get so comfortable in our cozy homes with the fireplace going and hot chocolate in hand. Seeing those less fortunate who don’t have warmth on demand is eye-opening. If possible, make this a family affair. Come together and make a memory that will last a lifetime. You’ll love being able to serve others and your kids will appreciate the life lesson.

Spend Time with Family

Thanksgiving Day is busy and chaotic, especially for the cook in the family. To really get to enjoy family and friends, plan out a fun, family road trip to visit different people. A friends-giving is always a nice tradition to get to spend time with your oldest friends.

Visiting family that might not be able to drive or leave their residence can really make their day. Consider your older relatives who might live in a nursing home or assisted living. Having lunch with them will, no doubt, mean so much.

Bake & Prepare a Meal

My favorite tradition is baking pies at a family friend’s home. Every year, we get together with our moms and our kids and we all bake the Thanksgiving Day pies. We make a huge deal out of it, have dinner together and play games while the pies bake.

If you want to make cooking a little less stressful, make it a team effort! Get together with family or friends and enjoy time together while waiting for the turkey to bake.

Thanksgiving break doesn’t have to be a stressor. Plan ahead for different activities to do and ways to keep the entire family involved. Enjoy break and enjoy each other!